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Reminder to check white goods as Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service marks UK Home Safety Week

21 November 2017

People in Suffolk are being urged to check their white goods and to not use them unattended in an attempt to reduce the risk of fires starting in the home. As part of UK Home Safety Week, fire services up and down the country are recommending people register their appliances in case of recalls, but to also be aware that incidents can occur when a product isn’t on a recall list. Damage and severity of a fire, should one occur, is dramatically reduced if they are not left running while everyone is asleep or out of the house. Early indicators of potential risks can be quickly noticed, such as smells, unusual sounds or the appliance not performing as expected. People are also being urged to check their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and making sure they know how they will exit their home if a fire does occur. In 2015/16, more than 15,000 accidental fires in the home were caused by cookers and white goods across the UK. In 2016/17 in Suffolk, there were 29 incidents caused by white goods – to date in 2017/18, there have been 11. Suffolk Trading Standards are also informing people of the campaign, reminding them to regularly check the recalled list of domestic appliances, and to follow their weekly product recall campaign, #CheckItTuesday on Twitter. We would urge people to register their appliances at www.registermyappliance.org.uk This online safety initiative, which is supported by fire services and government represents nearly 90% of white goods brands and allows people to register appliances new and up to 12 years old so if there’s a safety recall they can be contacted.

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Rogues Selling Chainsaws

5 May 2017

The following is a Police Connect message.

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Mid Suffolk Bin Collection

1 December 2016

Mid Suffolk bin collection schedual for 2016/2017 now available.

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Superfast Fibre BB now in Stonham

Some parts of Stonham Parva now have Superfast Fibre Broadband. Two availablilty checkers are linked below and you will need to talk with your chosen service provide to take up the service. Whilst the upgrade does not bring the headline rates of 80Mbps you will typically recieve a four fould increase (from 6Mbps to 25Mbps)  depending how far from the exchange you are.

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Free Composting Giveaway Event 12th September 2020

Mid Suffolk District Council is holding a free composting giveaway event being hosted in the district, to share with local residents and groups in your area.

We're giving away 480 bags of free compost all in the name of recycling, gardening and homegrown veg!

You can find the details below:
12 September, 9am-12pm, Needham Lake

Attendees will be allowed up to two bags of compost per car - once its gone, its gone

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