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Speed Indicator Device

sid5The village now has its own Speed Indicator Device (SID) which is being deployed on Norwich Road / A140 at two dedicated poles either end of the village.

The device has been in operation now since the end of April 2019, the initial week or so in each direction the device was purely recording the speed of vehicles approaching but not indicating their speed, it also records the speed of vehicles going in the opposite direction. This has given us a benchmark of the average and maximum speed on the road at that point before the device was switch to display. The tables and charts in the links to the right show before and after data in both directions.

We have also now compared weekly data to see if drivers ignore the sign over time, initial indications over several weeks would suggests they do not.

The Parish Council, along with Suffolk Safety Camera Team who periodically operates a mobile enforcement vehicles in the village, hope we will reduce speeding along the A140 through the village. But also recognises there will always be individuals who will speed no matter the consequences.

Stonham Parva Parish Council