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Village Newsletter Distribution - The Parish Council would like to make distribution quicker and easier. For households with internet access we will distribute electronically via e-mail in future. For households that do not have any form of internet access we will continue to deliver newsletters by hand but hope this to be a much-reduced number. We will be distributing at least two further paper newsletters to get this message to all households before making this change. 

If you wish to continue to receive a Village Newsletter you will need to opt-in.

There are four ways you can do this. 

 Households with Internet access 

  1. Please e-mail ‘parishclerk@stonhampavapc.org.uk’ your name, email address, the first line of your address (house name/number, street / road name) and post code.
  2. Or you can opt-in on the Parish Council web site – using form below.

You may wish to set up a shared household e-mail address, this allows info to be available to all in the house and increases your personal privacy, something like myhouse@myinternetprovider.com.  Also there is no limit to the number of email addresses we will send to for each household if a number of residents want their own copy.

 Households without Internet access 

  1. Call the Parish Clerk on 01449 711178 and (leaving a message if no answer) leave your name, first line of your address (house name/number, street / road name) and post code.
  2. Or drop a note / letter with these details to Parish Clerk, 6 Turnpike, Little Stonham, IP14 5JS.

Personal Data will be stored securely in line with our Protection of Personal Data Policy. We have suggested e-mail distribution previously and had a very low take up. This time we are going to assume that if you do not opt-in to either an email or paper copy, that you do not wish to receive further Newsletters from the Parish Council.  By streamlining the distribution  enables more regular communication of news items, is more cost effective for the parish and meets our sustainability aspirations. New residents and households that chose to opt-in or out at a later date can do so using the form below.  


Please select (Opt-In) to receive Village Newsletters via e-mail or (Opt-Out) to stop receiving them.