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Going on holiday

How To Protect Your Home While You Are On Holiday

A guide to keeping your home safe while you're away. Follow these tips to protect your home while on holiday, and you can then relax and enjoy your holiday!

Step 1:
Secure your home
When you go away, lock all doors and windows securely. Make sure your locks meet British Safety standards. We recommend using a mortise lock for the best security. If you have a burglar alarm, make sure it is set. If you don't already have one, get one. Your local police or insurers will be happy to give you advice.

Step 2:
Tidy up outside
Cut your lawn before you go and trim back any plants. This will make it difficult for burglars to tell you are away. Consider planting rose or thorn bushes in which will make it difficult for them to get onto your property.
Make sure any tools or instruments that could be used to break into your house are tidied away and not left outdoors.

Step 3:
Secure your valuables
Before you go on holiday, make sure your valuables are safe.
Consider leaving your important documents and valuable items with friends, family or even your bank. .
If that's not an option, find hiding places at home. Avoid the obvious places like under carpets, mattresses, or in drawers. Consider concealing them in water proof containers in a toilet cistern or freezer cabinet
Remove valuable items such as DVD players, TVs or stereos from view, so opportunistic thieves won't spot them.

Step 4:
Make your home look lived in
Ask a neighbour or friend for help to make the house look 'lived in' while you're away. Get them to open and draw the curtains - and sweep up any leaves or rubbish..
Buy timer switches for your lights which can be programmed to turn them on and off - you can also use these with a radio - so that it sounds like someone is in the house.
Cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries. A build up of either on you doorstep is a clear indication that you are away.
Uncollected mail also highlights the fact the house is empty. If you're away on a long break, get your postal service to keep your mail till you come home.

Step 5:
Don't tell everyone
When you leave, never put your home address on your luggage. Thieves will know your house is empty. Put your mobile number instead. Don't discuss your holiday plans in public, you never know who might be listening.

Follow these tips and enjoy your holiday