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Village Sign

27 January 2020

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A parish councillor was stopped and asked by a village sign enthusiast where the village sign was located, to which he replied we haven’t got one! At the time the sign was completely covered in ivy and part hidden behind a hedge. After this embarrassment it was decided that action needed to be taken.  The sign was locally made approximately 45 years ago by Richard Bloomfield at a cost of £138 following a village competition to design a sign.  The dirty and corroded sign was removed 6 months ago, and sand blasted free of charge by Gill Industrial Cleaning in Stowmarket. Mrs Esther Baldry the wife of one of our councillors with her artistic talents did a fantastic job of repainting it and with the help of Mr Ian Apps and his companies hydraulic hoist it was placed back on its original post. A truly local restoration project - Situated behind the parish notice board in the lay-by on the A140 when travelling north just prior to the Baptist Chapel. The long-term plan is to re-site the sign in a more prominent position so it can be seen from both sides and not be hidden by bushes and trees.