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1. Name
1.1 The name of the Organisation is Stonham Parva Allotmenteers (SPA).
2. Objective
2.1 The objective of the Organisation is to:
Promote and manage the use of Stonham Parva Allotments in order to enhance the all-round gardening experience of plot holders.
 3. Membership
3.1 The Organisation will consist of every person who has entered into an agreement with SPA for the letting of an Allotment plot and whose current rental is not in arrears.
3.2 A member of the Organisation will be entitled to vote at Organisation meetings. A member who rents more than one plot will not be entitled to more than one vote.
4. Powers and Duties of the Committee
4.1 A Management Committee will conduct the affairs of the Organisation. It shall consist of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and up to four other general members. All members of the Committee must be members of SPA.
4.2 The Committee must retire at the Annual General Meeting and will be eligible for re-election.
4.3 The Committee may fill any casual vacancies when necessary and such members will hold office until the next AGM.
4.4 A quorum will be four members.
4.5 The Committee will meet at least three times a year.
4.6 The Committee may delegate particular tasks to a volunteer member of SPA, but any such delegate will not be a member of the committee.
4.7 The Committee will be responsible for:
i. Liaising with Stonham Parva Parish Council for the use of Stonham Parva Allotments.
ii. Entering into an allotment site letting agreement with Stonham Parva Parish Council for Stonham Parva Allotments.
iii. Ensuring compliance with the terms of the lease with the Parish Council.
iv. The letting of individual plots, the setting and collection of rents and any other levies which may be necessary from time to time.
v. Ensuring compliance with the Tenancy Agreement and the Allotment Rules.
vi. Sourcing and making grant applications.
4.8 The Committee may authorise payments for works or materials necessary for the maintenance of the site, subject to obtaining approval at a General Meeting before incurring any major expenditure. Major expenditure means a sum of £500 or more or such other figure as shall be agreed by the Organisation at a General meeting.
5. General Meetings
5.1 The Annual General Meeting will be held no later than 30th June each year.
5.2 A quorum shall be 25% of the membership of the organisation for any general meeting.
5.3 At the Annual General Meeting:
The Chairpersons report for the previous year ending 31st March shall be submitted for approval.
Audited accounts will be presented. A person who is not a Committee member will be appointed to audit the accounts.
5.4 Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by the Committee, or upon the request, in writing to the Secretary, of at least seven members.
5.5 Members shall have at least fourteen days’ notice, in writing, of all general meetings.
6. Decisions at Committee and General Meetings
6.1 Committee business will be decided by a majority of those present. In the event of a tie, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.
6.2 At General meetings, resolutions will be passed by a majority of voting members present. In the event of a tie, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.
6.3 Postal and Proxy votes will not be allowed.
7. Bank Account
7.1 The Committee shall open a bank account in the name of the Organisation. The signatories shall be the Treasurer, the Chairperson and the Secretary and all cheques must be signed by at least two of the three signatories.
8. Allotment Rules for members
8.1 The Rules are designed to enhance the gardening experience of all members of the Organisation. It is a condition of the Tenancy Agreement that they are complied with by the members. Every member will be given a copy of the Constitution and the Rules together with a copy of their signed Tenancy Agreement.
9.   Amendment to the Constitution and Rules
9.1 The Constitution and Rules may be varied from time to time by resolution of the members at a General Meeting. However, no change may be proposed for consideration which would be contrary to clause 4.7(ii) of the Constitution relating to compliance with the terms of the Agreement with the Parish Council.
10. Termination of the Organisation.
10.1       On cessation of the Organisation, for whatever reason, any monies remaining after payment of all expenses, outstanding debts and claims, shall be distributed equally amongst the current Members who have held plot rental Agreements for at least one year, and whose rental is not in arrears.