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Respecting the Outdoors

14 August 2020

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We are sure you all agree that it is great that open spaces and playgrounds have seen an increase in use since lock-down measures eased however sadly an increase in litter has occurred along with footfall. This increase has been seen all over the country and has lead Defra to start a "Respecting the Outdoors" campaign to sit alongside Keep Britain Tidy's "Love Parks". 


Throw your litter in the nearest bin, or take it home to throw away or recycle.
Throw your non-medical PPE (face coverings & gloves) in the bin, or take home to throw away in your household waste (not in the recycling).
Don’t have barbecues or fires in the countryside.
Respect local communities and protect livestock. Stick to footpaths and follow local signs
Littering damages nature and harms wildlife.

Respect local farmers and communities.
Protect outdoor spaces.
Don’t destroy what you’ve come to enjoy.

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