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The Coddenham Centre

8 October 2020

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Dear Sir/Madam

I write to introduce myself as the Chairman of the Coddenham Centre Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We wrote to local communities to announce the transfer of the former Coddenham community hall by Coddenham Parish Council to the charity, in November last year. Despite the interruptions of COVID-19 and the challenges for us all, we continue to offer services to Coddenham and the surrounding areas. 

With challenging times ahead, we would like to continue to share information on our activities for the benefit of all. I hope that we can forward you material and information from time to time, for you to publicise locally at your discretion. We also have a new noticeboard display at the Centre, from which we will be very happy to reciprocate for your own activities, that may be of interest to the Coddenham community.  

Any information you’d like to share, please forward to the address herein. We hope to be able to work with you in the months ahead.

My regards
Yours sincerely 

Andrew MacPherson

Chair - The Coddenham Centre CIO

Registered no. 1183244