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PDF Copy to Print Tenancy Agreement
AN AGREEMENT made the                                                                           day of                                                                                   2015  
BETWEEN Stonham Parva Allotmenteers (hereinafter called the ‘Committee’) acting on behalf of Stonham Parva Parish Council and the person named as the Tenant.  
WHEREBY the Committee shall agree to let and the Tenant agrees to take on a yearly tenancy, from the date referred to in this agreement, the allotment garden referred to in this agreement a rent payable yearly in advance and at a proportionate rent for any part year over which the tenancy may extend.  
Secretary of the Committee: _________________________________________________________________
Tenant Name: ____________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
_______________________________________________Post Code:_______________________
Contact Tel No:   __________________________________________________________________    
Email: _________________________________________ __________________________________  
Date of tenancy commencement               ________________________    
Allotment Garden Plot Number     ______________ as shown on the plan.
Annual Rental: £             _________________________ (subject to review)  
ï‚· I accept this tenancy in accordance with the Committee allotment rules (April 2015 edition).    
ï‚· I confirm that I have received a copy of the rules.  
ï‚· I agree to keep to the rules (including any amendments made to them in accordance with part 1 of the rules).  
Signed by the Secretary of the Committee     ______________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                  
Signed by the Tenant               ____________________________________________________________